Are you tired of looking at your website? Do you feel that your business needs newer and a more effective website?

Redesigning a website is more than just making it pretty. It needs to serve as your online marketing tool, have an intuitive navigation, and capture leads. It is also a process that deserves your wholehearted time commitment and monetary investment. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then a new website design is in your business’ best interests.

1. Your website isn’t aligned with your current marketing strategy.

Your website is first and foremost your business’ marketing tool. If your marketing has changed recently, then chances are your current website isn’t aligned with your overall marketing strategy. Take time to define how your website can augment your business objectives. This is the perfect time to talk to a web marketing agency about your online requirements.

2. Your audience has changed.

If your current website no longer serves the right audience, then website content and its design deserves a review. Before you jump into redesign though make sure that you define the persona(s) of your audience, their motivations to buy from you, and their perception that you are the right business to serve them. Your web marketing agency should be able to develop your buyer’s persona(s) before building the website.

3. Your content has changed.

A content architecture that is served by an intuitive navigation is very important for a lower bounce rate. If you have added different kinds of content to the website since your last redesign, then it is time to evaluate your content architecture. This has ripple effects on how the content is organized, navigation elements, images, etc. A redesign may be in your cards.

4. Your website isn’t responsive.

Google now penalizes websites that aren’t responsive (mobile friendly). Go to and type your URL. If Google deems your website unfriendly to mobile devices, then that means your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will suffer. In other words, it will be harder to find your website on the web and you won’t be able to achieve your business objectives. This is the number one reason why many businesses are opting for a redesign these days.

5. User experience is not good.

It is hard for the business owner to know how user experience has degraded over time because he/she is familiar with its navigation structure. If you have added/changed content on the website since you last built it, it is a good idea to ensure that the website, your online marketing tool, is working at its best. Hire a web marketing agency to evaluate the user experience of your website.

6. Does your website look dated?

Technologies change, and so do designs. If your website is starting to look like it was built when the dinosaurs roamed the earth (circa 2012), then you should think about redesigning your website. Websites that look outdated make the visitors think that you are either out of business or aren’t successful. Neither case helps your business. Hurry up and get a new website!

7. Your site is slow to load.

Web is all about instant gratification. If something takes too long to load, people check out of there. It could be that the technology that is used on your website is too old and hence crawling along on a superhighway. At a minimum, hire a web agency to do an audit of your website.

8. Functions and features are obsolete.

Nothing says “obsolete” like outdated features and functions on a website. If your website is advertising old products or you wish to add features such as social media, blogs, etc., then call to your local web marketing agency.

9. Your website is in Flash!

Flash shouldn’t be used anymore. Not only is it mobile-unfriendly, it is also hard to edit, isn’t good for your SEO, and is slow to load. If your website is built on Flash, it is time to develop a new website for your business.

10. Your website isn’t optimized for SEO.

The purpose of your website is to be visited online by as many potential clients as possible. SEO enables you to be seen by searchers. If you can’t be found by search engines, then you won’t get the traffic, let alone generate leads. Call your web design agency to find out how you can improve your SEO.

Would you like to share your reason for updating your website? Share in the comments section below.