Domain name registrar

What is this? This is where your domain name ( is registered., and are a few popular companies.

Cost: This could range from free to $15/year.

Why do I need this? You will need this to renew your domain name and to specify the location of your DNS. If you want to move your domain name to a different registrar, you will need the login credentials for your domain name registrar.

DNS Server

What is this? Your DNS keeps track of the IP address of your mail server, web server, and other domain resources. Your domain name registrar, web server or your hosting company can host the DNS. Or it can be a totally different account.

Cost: It is generally free if hosted on your domain name registrar. If hosted elsewhere, it could cost you from $5/month and up depending on your needs.

Why do I need this? DNS tells you where on the Internet to find your web server, mail servers, and other resources for your domain. If you change your web server or your email server, you will need to edit the DNS settings.

Web Hosting

What is this? Your website is hosted here. This means that you rent a space with this hosting company to store the files of your website.

Cost: Depending on your needs, this can range from free to 100s or 1000s of dollars.

Why do I need this? You will need the login information to change the type of hosting you have and to renew hosting.


What is this? Your email server manages emails associated with your domain name. The server could be the same as your hosting server or could be a totally different server.

Cost: Depends on the size of your server needs, this can range from free to 100s of $$.

Why do I need this? If you wish to add or remove any email addresses, you will need to login to this account. Make the login name a generic one for the company, like Remember to change the password to this account when someone with access to this account leaves the company.


What is this? WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the web. If your website is built on WordPress, then all content (text, images, videos, etc.) on your website are all stored in this system.

Cost: WordPress is an open source product that is available for free for anyone to use.

Why do I need this? If you wish to make any changes to the website, you are going to need the login and password for this. You can have more than one login to this account. Remember to remove the user(s) who no longer work with you.

Google Analytics & Adwords Account

What is this? This account keeps track of the metrics on your website. You also manage your Google advertisements (PPC) on this account.

Cost: Free for the account. The cost depends on the size of your adwords.

What to keep track of: You would need the login credentials for this to access the analytics on your website and manage the adwords, if needed. The login generally is a gmail account name. There could potentially be more than one person in charge of this. Remember to remove ex-team members who had access to this account.

Social media accounts

What is this? The business engages with its audience who could be partners, clients or potential clients on one or more social media accounts, like Facebook.

Cost: Free

Keep track of: You should know the login and password for each of the social media accounts that the company is active. This also includes email marketing accounts, such as Constant Contact. Remember to remove ex-team members who had access to these accounts.