Social media marketing is now becoming a part of doing business in the 21st century. It creates a level playing field where the small businesses can compete with established corporations.

The question remains though: Which social media should you engage in? Here’s a cheat sheet to help you navigate and decide which social media outlets will work best for your business.



Pick the right social media for your business.


Domain name & a website: If you have a business, you should have a web address (aka domain name) and a responsive website. This should be the hub for your online presence.

Linkedin page: Create a Linkedin page for your business. It is free. Linkedin is a place to search and engage with other professionals. Check here to see if you qualify to create a business page:

Facebook & Twitter: These 2 social media outlets give your business a voice, face and a venue to inform, educate and interact with your clients, vendors and others.
Yelp: If you want to be found in your geographic area and have people review you, create a Yelp business page. Find and claim your business page at

Pinterest & Instagram: Both these social media channels allow you to visually share products, creations and interests by sharing images and creating “pins”.

YouTube: If you can demonstrate how to use your products or can share techniques with clients visually, then you should create a YouTube channel.

Podcast: Invest in podcasting if your audience will find it useful to listen to a program that discusses helpful tips in your area of expertise.

Google+: Can I interest you in one more social media channel? Invest your time in Google+ since Google is the most influential search engine, creating a business page on Google+ will help your SEO.