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Case study: All Star Martial Arts

Martial Arts Studio

Logo And Mobile-Friendly WordPress Web Design

Logo and WordPress web design for gym


About our client

All Star Martial Arts is a San Mateo martial arts studio that offers classes in a variety of martial arts discipline.


Needed an online presence including a website that enabled people to access the studio easily.


A web presence that included an effective new website, Facebook page and a Yelp page.

Background. All Star Martial Arts studio has been operational in San Mateo since 1993. It started out as a traditional Tae Kwon Do school.  Over the years the school has opened it's doors to host a variety of other amazing instructors that teach different styles of martial arts.


Let’s create identity. The first step in creating identity was to create a logo that would represent the studio. We chose colors from objects within the studio, such as sparring equipment & training pads. Red and blue were the main theme throughout the studio and we decided to use these 2 colors for the whole website. The logo uses movement to signify movement, self-defense and exercise - the 3 important pillars of the school.


Clean & effective website. The studio specializes in teaching children Tae Kwon Do and self-defense techniques. Armed with a logo, we delved into creating a website that would communicate the family-friendly atmosphere of the studio.  We chose big slideshow images that show children engaged in martial arts activities along with an action image that shows a young man in the air about to kick a paddle in a competition. The resulting website is mobile-friendly. 


For an effective call-to-action and to give a potential client many means to access the studio, we created a section on the website that enumerates all the ways that the studio can be reached. It also makes it easy for an existing client to review the studio on Yelp by providing a link to it.


Contact form. They wanted people to reach out to them through the website especially for initial enquiries. We created a contact form that encompassed the various options that are available at the studio. This form was able to pre-qualify the enquirers that helped the owner suggest a solution that would work best for them. Since the contents of this form was emailed to the owner of the studio, they had a copy of it in their email box for future reference.


Social media. Our goal is to engage with the martial arts clientele and engage with the community with regular posting of the happenings at the studio along with educating them about Tae Kwon Do.

“Purelynx LLC has done an amazing job building the website for All Star Martial Arts! ” - Simeon D.


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