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Case study: French-American Foundation

Non-profit foundation for research

About our client

The Foundation is incorporated in the State of California as an independent non-profit public benefit organization.


To design & develop a website so they can start receiving candidate applicants for their scholarships.


A secure new website through which they have received many applications for their scholarships.


Background. Founded in 1962 by a group of French Hospital physicians and leaders of the French American community as a volunteer non-profit organization, the French-American Foundation for Medical Research and Education has provided financial assistance to a large number of health professionals in the Bay Area.


When FFMRE reached out to us, they were in dire need of a website. Their old website was no longer working and the season for the new applicants was only 2 months away. They needed someone to take charge of the website project and finish it within 2 months.


Logo refresh. The FFMRE logo was old and was badly in need of a refresh. It had the basic structure and concept that needed a fresh new twist. We provided 3 different directions for the logo. The final logo reflects their mission with a modern feel.


Events & donations. Being a non-profit that is funded solely by its patrons, they needed to let them know the different ways that they could donate to the foundation. Events are important fundraisers for the foundation. We gave it a prominent spot on the website. In the future, there are plans to start accepting donations online to make it easy to give to the foundation.


Application form. The main purpose of the website is to solicit applications from qualified students who want to pursue higher education in research, specifically in medical or dental fields. The form needed to accommodate for cut and paste from other documents, such as Word. The signature field where the candidates vouch for the accuracy of the information supplied needed to be in a handwriting font. They wanted to give the candidates the impression of actually signing the documents.


When the form is submitted, they wanted the contents to be formatted to give the impression of an actual form. Most importantly, they wanted to make this process as smooth and as complete as possible.


Secure site. Since the application form was requesting sensitive and personal information, we needed to indicate to the applicant that the site was legitimate and secure. We helped buy and implement security certificate on the website. The website can now receive sensitive information with secure credentials.


Another site delivered on time. Our client is thrilled with the website and we take pride in wowing another client!

“PureLynx did a great job taking time to understand my needs and created a website that was far superior than what I had previously.” - Lucky M.



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