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Case study: Wilkinson Preservation

High-end home maintenance

Custom Project Management System & Responsive Website

Custom responsive website for construction company

About our client

Located in the San Mateo, Wilkinson Preservation is a concierge-level home maintenance service.


Develop a project management backend that would help them manage their clients’ tasks.


We developed a responsive website with a backend project management system that saves them time and money.


When we were referred to Wilkinson, they already had a website that was sufficient for their needs, but they were desperate to have a backend that would help them manage their clients’ tasks. For their internal communications, they were using Googledocs and stretching it to its limits. 


Their previous designer/developer kept extending the project’s deadline, and being unable to deliver, went AWOL. Smarting from their previous experience, they were wary of working with anyone without seeing progress. They gave us a small task to do on their site to test our responsiveness and they were impressed at the speed and quality of our work. We had arrived!


Redesign process. The previous website, though sufficient for their needs, gave us an opportunity to wow them with our work.  Within four weeks, we released a responsive website whose design included full-screen, gorgeous photos that dynamically resize to fill any screen size. 


Now, it was time to turn our attention to the bigger and more complex task of creating a viable, usable, and efficient project management system that both the clients and the project managers could use and share. 


Client-side solution. For Wilkinson’s existing Bay Area clients, we created a client-only login area in which clients can request, approve, and prioritize maintenance tasks to be performed on their properties.


Employee solution. For Wilkinson employees, we created a client/project management system which may be used in their San Mateo office or on-site via an iPad. Employees can add/remove clients, properties, and tasks, see which tasks clients would like performed, and marked tasks as completed.


Since this was a custom solution, it has exactly all the features that they need. This has saved them time, money and aggravation. And we have one more happy PureLynx client!

“You guys did a great job! Not only are we satisfied, but our clients are too. Thanks!” - Steve L.


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